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West Bend 78500 Egg and Muffin Toaster

West Bend 78500

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Today we are going to review the West Bend 78500 Egg and Muffin Toaster. If you’re wondering why a toaster is on an egg cooker site it’s because it’s not just any toaster, it can make your egg muffin sandwich just as well as the bought options you can get at your local drive-thru.

We’re going to go through the features of this Egg and Muffin Toaster so that you know exactly what it can do and we’ll also have a look at what the buyers who have used it for a while think about it.

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West Bend 78500 Egg and Muffin Toaster Review


  • 4 wide slots with high-toast lift feature
  • Defrost function
  • Light to dark control settings
  • Perfect for cooking eggs
  • 2 meat warming trays
  • Cord storage

This West Bend 78500 Egg and Muffin Toaster is a 4 slot toaster with an egg cooker on the side of it so you can cook your eggs and your toast at the same time and the toast won’t pop up util the eggs are ready so you have everything warm on your plate. Let’s find out a bit more about how this works.. The whole appliance is 19.5 x 12.4 x 10 inches in size so just a bit bigger than your normal 4 slot toasters. There are controls buttons on the front of the unit to control all parts of the cooking.

Each 2 slots have their own controls so you set the colour you want your toast or muffins equally on both sides or slighty different to suit 2 different people. You have a frozen option so you can add your sliced muffins from frozen and there is also a bagel button if you prefer bagels. On the cook buttons you have the option to use the toaster on it’s own, the egg cooker on its own or you can have them work together and select the egg/toast button. You also have a cancel button in case you press the wrong button or you just change your mind to what you want to eat.

The egg cooker part of the West Bend 78500 can boil eggs and poach them. It’s works just like an stand alone egg cooker in that you have a tray at the bottom in which you pour some water to steam the eggs. The first tray that fits over the water has 8 positions so that you can boil up to 8 eggs. There is a water measuring cup which is marked up for boiled eggs and poached eggs and you can select the type of egg you want hard boiled, medium or soft boiled and use the water level is suggests.

There is a pin in the bottom of the measuring cup to pierce the egg which helps it to cook through. Place on the lid of the egg cooker and select egg only. When the light goes out the eggs are done. You can used egg poaching on it’s own with the egg only function or as part of an egg muffin sandwich. To make your breakfast sandwich get all the parts ready. You can place your muffin halves in your toaster, the water to poach your eggs in the egg cooker, place the egg tray on top.

You have 2 small egg pans for your poached eggs so spray them with oil or spread with a little butter and crack an egg into each pan, you can pierce the yolk if you don’t like runny sandwiches. The pans sit on top of the egg tray. Now you put the meat warming tray on top of the pans and this is for heating up your cooked meat. You can use any cooked meat that you like but canadian bacon works well and you lay 2 slices onto the tray. Then you place on the lid. Now you’re ready to switch on your egg and muffin toaster.

Press the egg/toast button and press down the toast levers, once you do this it will start to cook the eggs for the length of time based on the amount of water you have placed in the cooker. The toasted muffin might be finished but it doesn’t pop up until the eggs are finished and it just keeps warm until then. Once the eggs are done the toast will spring up and the levers will pull up a bit further if you can’t quite reach the muffin. Place the bottom of the muffin on the plate, place the egg on top of it, add some cheese if you wish and then the meat.

The top of the muffin completes your breakfast sandwich and you will have 2 of them ready. This is so easy to do, why wouldn’t you want to make your own breakfast sandwich?

Customer Opinion

Most people love the fact that they can add all the parts of their breakfast sandwich and have them ready at the same time. Some people have found that they can make a low calorie breakfast sandwich of just use the to egg poachers to make mini omelettes with the bacon inside which they stack together with cheese to make a low carb egg sandwich.

They are finding easy to clean up and you can have eggs without lots of pots and pans. The main downside to this toaster unit is that the teflon seems to come off the pans after a few uses. One customer got around this by buying 2 small cast iron skillets which fit in place of the pans. The other issues found is leaking from the egg cooker and the fact that the toaster is only good for small bread not large slices.


I love this West Bend 78500 just because it is so versatile. It’s not just one thing or the other you can just use the toaster, the egg cooker or both. What a great gift for your kids at college, you could always be sure that they have the option for a hot cooked breakfast thats quick and easy to do.

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