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Hamilton Beach Egg Cooker Pros and Cons

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Pros and Cons

Hamilton Beach Egg Cooker

Are you finding it hard to decide whether to buy an egg cooker or which egg cooker to buy from the many available. Have you considered a Hamilton Beach Egg Cooker? Hamilton Beach make a variety of devices for the kitchen to make different tasks easier and their egg cooker is an example of a machine which makes boiling an egg simple without having to oversee it.

We thought we would write an article on the pros and cons of the Hamilton Beach Egg Cooker to give a bit more information for anyone interested in buying.

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Hamilton Beach Egg Cooker Overview

This small egg cooker is a small device that is small enough to sit on the countertop without taking up too much room but small enough to tuck into a cupboard or drawer out of the way. The Hamilton Beach egg cooker has a capacity of 7 eggs, it allows you to cook your eggs to soft, medium or hard boiled or if you prefer you can poach up to 3 eggs with the included poacher tray.

The eggs are cooked by steaming rather than boiling and the design of the cooker means that only a small amount of water is needed to steam the eggs, the amount required is measured in the included marked up measuring cup depending on the number of eggs being cooked and the small internal area keeps the steam moving around the eggs until the water evaporates and the alarm sounds to let you know the eggs are ready. Everything is included to let you start making your eggs immediately and you can cook the full amount and store the eggs your not going to eat in the fridge for another day. Read about the pros and cons below.



If you have been looking at egg cooker reviews you will see that there are many different makes of egg cooker and the prices can vary a lot from around $15 to anywhere up to $50 depending on make, number of eggs that can be done at once and what materials are used in the manufacture. The Hamilton Beach Egg Cooker comes in at the cheaper end, not a large investment for a useful gadget that you will find that you will use a lot. There aren’t many parts to the egg cooker and that keeps the price down, it comes with the base heater, the egg boiling tray, the egg poaching tray and the measuring cup.

Boils eggs simply

Although we talk about boiled eggs what we mean when talking about an egg cooker is steam cooked eggs. You can boil 7 eggs at a time with this cooker which is great if you like hard boiled eggs for sandwiches or snacks and you want to keep extras stored in the fridge for another day. You don’t have to cook 7 eggs though you can do as little as 1 egg, the process is the same, measure the correct level of water for the number of eggs based on the marks on the side of the measuring cup. Add the water to the base of the cooker, fill the inner circle first then let any extra flow into the outer circle. Pierce your eggs with the pin in the base of the measuring cup. Place the egg boiling tray in the cooker and your pierced eggs in the tray, cover with the lid and switch on. That is the process now you just have to wait for the alarm to let you know when they are ready.

Easy peel eggs

There is something about the process of steaming which makes peeling the eggs much easier. If you are hard boiling your eggs place the tray in cold iced water for a couple of minutes to stop the cooking process and then when you start to peel the eggs the peel should come off in large easy pieces, no more picking of tiny pieces of eggshell attached to large pieces of your egg. If you’re serving eggs up to guests it’s good to be able to have them look as good as they taste.

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Doesn’t always cook to desired level

The measuring cup has different marked levels depending on the number of eggs cooked and the hardness of the cooked egg, whether soft, medium or hard boiled. Some people find that the egg wasn’t cooked the way they liked either too soft or hard. People have different perceptions of what a soft boiled egg looks like and what they prefer so it may mean you have to do a bit of trial and error to find the correct level of water that suits you. By adding a level more or less or water it can make the difference to getting the perfect egg for you, and once you know what works it can be consistently repeated.

Quality of the build

Some people feel that the quality of the build leaves a bit to be desired, some people find that there is water coming out of the lid while it is cooking as if it doesn’t seal itself properly and they feel that the parts are a bit flimsy. This is a small percentage of the people who have bought this item and it hasn’t stopped it from being an effective egg boiler.

Can’t be put in the dishwasher

Some people aren’t happy that the removable parts can’t be put in the dishwasher. The lid and the trays are plastic and can’t cope with a hot wash cycle in the dishwasher. It takes minutes to wash out in warm soapy water or rinsed under the tap. The base unit just needs wiping with a damp cloth or if you get mineral stains on it a washing up scrubby is pretty effective at removing quickly. If you want dishwasher proof there are egg cookers with stainless steel tops but they are more expensive.


As egg cookers go this Hamilton Beach Egg Cooker offers everything that others do, it’s one of the cheaper ones similar to the dash go rapid egg cooker and is very easy to use and clean. Hamilton Beach is a well known make and you will get good use out of this egg cooker.

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