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Elite Cuisine Egg Cooker Reviews

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Elite Cuisine Egg Cooker ReviewsIf you have decided to get yourself an egg cooker but can’t decide which one you want to buy why not take a look at this Elite cuisine egg cooker reviews to see what this little little kitchen gadget can offer.

We’ll be looking at the features of this egg cooker and discussing them so you can see if it will work for you. There are many other egg cookers available like the Cuisinart CEC-10 Central Egg Cooker if you think you might like to boil more eggs at a time. You will find that once you buy your egg cooker you will wonder how you managed without it.

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Elite Cuisine Electric Egg Cooker

If you want to eat more natural foods rather than processed you can’t do better for your family than to make them eggs which is a very healthy choice, but often we resort to the easiest option we have available because it doesn’t require thought, you can throw a meal together quickly and if it’s cereal it’s usually quite sugary so it’s easy to get your kids to eat it. This Elite Cuisine egg cooker can give you the options to make a quick and easy egg meal without too much effort that you can fit into your limited time.

Elite egg cooker colourways

This egg cooker comes in lots of different colorways. They are different prices depending on which colour you want, the basic black base with clear lid is available for an excellent price for an egg cooker, the other choices available are white, red, green and teal, these have the colour in the base and have a clear top. You also have black/stainless steel which gives you a stainless steel base and a clear top and you have a stainless steel option which is a black base and stainless steel domed top. So no matter what design your kitchen is, you can have an elite cuisine egg cooker that can match with it. Click on any link and it will give you all the colour options on the page with prices so you can choose.

Elite egg cooker parts

To make it easier to remove the eggs after being cooked the egg tray has 2 small plastic loop holders on the egg tray and the poacher tray. In some smaller egg cookers they provide a small post that you can insert into the centre of the tray to lift it out after cooking but you have to remember to install it beforehand, which I always forget, so having a couple of points on the tray that you can hold while you lower them into cold icy water is great. Most poached egg trays don’t have anything to hold and it can be awkward to pick up so again it’s useful to have something to hold on to while you remove the eggs.

The Elite egg cooker comes with a measuring cup that is marked up with levels of hardness and within that the number of eggs, so no matter what hardness you want to cook your eggs and how many eggs you want to cook at a time whether it is 1 or up to 7 there is a water level to choose. In the bottom of the measuring cup is an egg piercer which is protected by a removable cover. The reason for this is to stop your eggs cracking while they are steaming, if you pierce them at the wide end it seems to cook the eggs perfectly without cracking.

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Elite egg cooker directions

When it comes to easy, an egg cooker excels, all you have to do to boil your eggs is to add some water to the base, prick your eggs, both of these things use the egg cooker measuring cup which gives the water level required and has a covered piercer in the base of the cup. Add the eggs to the tray, place the lid on top and switch it on with the button on the front of the cooker. The timer will automatically turn the machine off when its finished.

You also have the option of cooking poached eggs in your Elite egg cooker, it’s as easy as making boiled eggs, it does help to remove the egg easily if you can spray the tray with some non stick spray, crack the eggs into depressions in the tray, each space will hold one egg. The tray sits on top of the boiled egg tray, add the right amount of water, add the lid and switch it on. The hardest thing with poached eggs is getting the firmness right to suit yourself as everybody doesn’t like their eggs the same, so you might need a couple of tries to get the right water level for you.

Cooking an omelette is fine if you just want a single portion, spray your tray with non stick spray, beat 2 eggs, if you want things in your omelette you need to add cooked items to it , just enough so your eggs will fit around everything. You can add cheese to it too. Again working out how much water you need to cook it right through might be a bit of trial and error but I would err on the side of too much water as you can see through the lid how it is setting and you can always remove it early if it cooks quicker than you thought it would.

Cleaning the Elite egg cooker

Cleaning up your 7 egg cooker couldn’t be easier, the plastic tray and domed lid just need to be washed in warm soapy water. The heating plate on the base is just as easy to clean, it does tend to get some deposits on it which is mineral residue from the water you use, but I find that it comes off easily if you use your washing up scrubby that has a scratch free rough side and that takes off residue easily, if it doesn’t come off the way it should you can also add a very thin layer of white vinegar in the bottom and let it soak for 5-10 minutes then wipe out and it should remove anything your scrubby wouldn’t.

Final Thoughts

Sometimes gadgets seem like a waste of money when they aren’t a necessary item but I have been surprised at how much we use our egg cooker since I bought it and my husband loves using it. Once you have read some Elite Cuisine Egg Cooker reviews you’ll be convinced. For a small investment you can encourage members of your family to eat something healthy more often just because it’s an easy to use gadget.

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