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Dash egg cooker review – 3 reasons to buy

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Dash egg cooker reviewToday we’re going to be giving you a Dash egg cooker review. We’re going to review what it can do for you and 3 reasons we think you should buy it.

If like me you have looked at egg cookers and thought to yourself that you don’t need another piece of kitchen equipment to clog up your cupboards for the sake of a boiled egg, then can I just say, please think again, it is becoming a firm favourite in my house and I’m sure when you have reviewed this egg cooker it might also become a favourite in yours.

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Dash egg cooker review

Now I’m presuming you like your eggs and you have them often, although even if you don’t, you might find that you will have them more often once you realise how quick it is to cook your eggs just the way you like them. These dash go products are called egg cookers but technically they are really egg steamers. You can cook up to 6 eggs at a time in this dash egg cooker but you can get larger ones like the Dash Deluxe which can cook up to 12.

This Dash egg cooker is such a small handy gadget you will wonder how you managed without it once you have taken the leap of faith and bought it. If you’re not convinced let me give you 3 reasons to buy that might change your mind.

#1 How quick you can cook your eggs

In most egg cookers you can cook your eggs 3 ways, you can boil them, hard, medium or soft boiled, you can poach them in the little poacher trays that are supplied with the egg cooker, in this Dash Go Rapid egg cooker there is a 2 poached egg tray and if you’re lucky enough to choose this egg cooker you will get an omelette tray too so you can cook a single small omelette.

When you boil an egg in a normal pan with water you have to have enough water in the pan to cover the eggs and bring the water to a boil, you can use boiling water from the kettle but you have still added time to cooking your eggs. Then you have to wait 3 minutes or so to cook them if you want them soft.

Using the dash egg cooker instructions, you only use a small amount of water which sits on the heating plate in the base of the unit. You then add your egg tray. Now depending on how you want your eggs cooked you add your eggs, either whole in the shell or cracked into the poaching tray or beaten into the omelette tray. Put on the lid and press the on button.

The time it takes to cook depends on how hard you want your eggs but it takes seconds for the machine to start making steam to cook your eggs. For 1-6 eggs soft boiled eggs it takes about 6 minutes to cook, 7 for medium and about 12 for hard boiled. Poached to my liking is approx 8 minutes I use a little more water than for medium eggs but you can work out your own level.

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#2 Ease of use

This is so easy to use, it’s takes only a minute to set up the machine and if you are going to boil eggs in their shells it might take a minute to pierce the shell first. Cooking your eggs to the hardness that you like them requires you to put the right amount of water into the cooker so it times the cooking period correctly.

So how do you know how much water to use?

Each egg cooker comes with it’s own dash egg cooker measuring cup which is marked up with the levels for each type of egg. It takes the same time to cook 1 egg as it does to cook 6 and just as easy to do. If you wanted to hard boil 6 eggs to have for sandwiches then you measure your water with the measuring cup, pour it onto the heating plate in the base, pierce the 6 eggs, there is a pin in the base of the measurement cup so you have it to hand, pierce them on the widest end of the egg. Place your eggs on the egg tray, put on the lid and press the on button.

You can do other things now, this Dash egg machine doesn’t need managing or watching and it will sound an alarm when it’s finished. You can remove your eggs and drop them into some iced water to stop them from cooking and in a few minutes they will be ready to eat. You will also find that these eggs will be much easier to peel.

If you want poached eggs you have the same procedure except the poached egg tray sits on top of the egg holding tray in place of the eggs and you set it cooking in the same way. A little non stick spray in the bottom of the poaching tray can make the eggs easier to remove. I like to set them cooking then put toast in the toaster and I have my toast ready when my eggs are cooked, just flip them out of the poaching tray onto my toast and my breakfast is ready very quickly.

#3 Budget friendly

To buy an egg cooker won’t cost you a lot of money, you can buy a Dash Go Rapid Egg Cooker  for a small investment and there are some different colors from black too. The cooker is small and all of the trays and the measuring cup fit inside the unit to store. It could easily fit into a cupboard but won’t take up much space if you decide to keep it on the worktop.

Final Thoughts

If you want to prepare a cooked breakfast, prepare eggs for snacks, salads, or for any other egg dishes and do it all healthily and quickly a dash egg cooker can do that for you. It’s a great investment and once you have one you will never boil eggs in a pan again.

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