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Chefman Electric Egg Cooker

chefman electric egg cooker

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Chefman RJ24-V2 Egg Cooker

Chefman RJ24-V2 Egg Cooker

In this review we’ll be looking at the Chefman Electric Egg Cooker, if you are seriously looking for an egg cooker to make your life a bit easier, especially if you have cravings for hard-boiled eggs, then we think you should definitely check out this review or read our Top 10 Egg Cookers to Buy in 2017.

We’ll be looking at what’s included and what the features are, but most of all we’ll be checking on the buyers responses about this product and whether it is worth the money.

Check out the Chefman Electric Egg Cooker if you want consistently good boiled eggs

If you were looking for a bigger egg cooker, here’s our review on the Cuisinart CEC-10 or check our review on our top choice egg cooker.

Chefman RJ24-V2 Egg Cooker Review

When you cook a lot of eggs, especially hard-boiled eggs, it doesn’t take too much effort to get everything done in a pan, except you have to remember that you’ve put it on the stove. You need to set a timer or keep a mental note of when you put your eggs to cook so you know when to take them off. So you might not think that it’s worth buying an electric egg cooker. Many people have thought the same thing, but for a small unit that doesn’t take up much room in your kitchen, no more than a saucepan, you can easily cook up to half a dozen eggs at a time, very easily, and quickly, once you put them on you just have to wait for the alarm to sound and your done. How easy is that. Let’s check out this Chefman electric egg cooker with poaching tray.

What’s in the box

The base unit

The transparent lid with vent

The cooking tray, which also hold the eggs

The omelette, poaching tray

The measuring cup


  • SAVE TIME: Easily boil up to 6 perfect eggs in minutes, faster than stovetop method, just add water and plug in. This egg cooker makes perfect eggs every time, with an included measuring cup, a buzzer that signals when eggs are ready and auto shut off. Poaching tray included, whether you like your eggs hard or soft, scrambled or omelet, boiled or poached, breakfast has never been easier.
  • SERVE IN STYLE: Stylish design looks great on the counter the best-looking egg cooker you have ever seen. With a clear top, so you can see the progress and a beautiful beehive shape, this egg cooker is the center of any breakfast table conversation.
  • SUD-FREE, STRESS-FREE CLEANING: Most parts are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. No more fighting over whose turn it is to do the dishes thanks to this versatile, convenient egg cooker.
  • SAFE and SECURE: cETL approved with advanced safety technology that automatically senses when there is no water left and shuts off for safety and long lasting durability, and a 1-year-warranty backed by Chefman.
  • EXPERIENCE CLUB CHEFMAN: Includes access to Club Chefman for recipes, videos, help from a Chef, cookbooks and more.

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It’s true that using an egg cooker, especially this one, is going to save you a little bit of time, but in this busy life that we lead, anything that can make a chore a little easier is definitely worth considering.

Don’t forget that you don’t have to cook 6 eggs at a time just because you can, you can do any amount from 1 up to 6. So if you want a couple of eggs for your breakfast, it’s easy to set it away and by the time you have prepped your plate, and toast if you’re having it, your eggs will be done.

You can also poach eggs or make an omelette in your cooker. The omelette of course in only going to be the size of a poached egg but it does make it easy to fit it in a sandwich, with bacon for example.

It has a measuring cup which is marked with a suggested line for the level of cooking required to give you the right results, but everyone is different so you might have to adjust it to your liking if it isn’t perfect for you. It should only take a couple of times to get that right.

It’s a nice looking  6 egg cooker which can sit nicely on the top of your worktop and not look out of place, but it is relatively small so will easily fit in a cupboard too. The see through lid makes it easy to check your eggs while they are cooking if you are making poached or omelettes.

It’s pretty easy to clean the Chefman RJ24-V2 Egg Cooker, the removable parts are dishwasher proof and the base is easily wiped clean. If it has left mineral deposit marks on the base plate you can remove them by wiping with some kitchen towel with a little vinegar on it.

The egg cooker sounds an alarm when the water has fully evaporated, to turn it off you need to press the on/off button to turn your unit fully off.

Finally they have a unique selling point in their online Club Chefman, you can join to get access to videos and recipes and any help that you need.

Customer Opinion

Well what do the buyers of this Chefman RJ24-V2 egg cooker think about it.

One customer bought the egg cooker because she is always in a hurry in a morning and likes to have eggs for breakfast and take them to work, this made it really easy.

This egg cooker is an easy way to prepare your eggs for the whole week in very little time.

Another customer found that she noticed that the eggs are very easy to peel, even on the ones that she put in the fridge for a day or two.

On the negative side one customer felt it was dangerous opening the lid after cooking because it is so hot and the eggs are too hot to touch too.

One customer felt it was too small when you could only poach 2 eggs at a time, and didn’t feel it cooked right

Another customer felt that it cooked the eggs inconsistently.


If you’re looking for an egg cooker that can make hard-boiled eggs easier to make and that’s not too expensive and might save you a little time then consider the Chefman electric egg cooker with poaching tray

Buy the Chefman Electric Egg Cooker with Removable Tray at

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