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Chefman RJ24-V2 Egg Cooker – Buy a 6 Egg Cooker or a 12?

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Chefman RJ24-V2 Egg Cooker

Chefman RJ24-V2 Egg Cooker

If you love eggs, boiled or poached then buying an egg cooker is a no brainer. The question is, what are the benefits of getting a basic 6 egg cooker over a 12 egg cooker. There are quite a lot of 6 egg cookers like the Chefman RJ24-V2 Egg Cooker but not too many 12 egg cookers.

So unless you have a large family or you are a professional cook that uses a lot of eggs every day is there any other benefit to a larger egg cooker?

You can check out the Chefman RJ24-V2 Egg Cooker here if you want a 6 egg choice

Why would you buy an egg cooker at all

It’s a simple process to boil an egg right? You fill a pan with water boil it up, add your eggs, set the timer. Then you pour out the boiling water, fill the pan with cold water and then they are ready to peel and eat. When you use an egg cooker you need less water because the eggs are cooked by steam. Therefore you use less energy than you would if cooking by the standard method. It’s easier to remove the eggs to place in cold water. You get consistent results because you always use the same amount of water. When you do this is takes the same time to evaporate and your eggs cook for the same length of time.

Most people who like poached eggs have trouble making them. The eggs usually split up and you have floaters all over the pan. They’re not easy to get out of the pan and you end up pouring half the egg white down the sink with the water. You can make poached eggs in an egg cooker. It might take a couple of attempts to get the timing right so the egg is cooked the way you like it. Once you get that right you can make them time and again and get it cooked to your liking every time.

What’s included in a 6 egg cooker?

In the Chefman RJ24-V2 Egg Cooker you will receive a fast cooking base unit in black or red to suit your kitchen. The eggs sit in an egg tray which can hold 6 eggs and has a tray holder so you can easily move your hot eggs. The cooker also comes with a poaching/omelette tray. Probably the most important item in the box is the measuring cup. The levels on the measuring cup are set for soft, medium and hard boiled eggs and poaching/omelette. There is a transparent domed lid which allows the steam to circulate around the inside of the cooker. All the items can be stored within the cooker and it can be stored on the worktop or a cupboard without taking up much room.

What’s included in a 12 egg cooker?

In a 12 egg cooker like the Dash Deluxe you will get a base unit the same except it’s a little bit bigger in diameter than the Chefman and to get 12 eggs into it at one time it is stacked on 2 levels making it taller. There are 2 egg trays, an 8 egg tray for the bottom layer and a 4 egg tray for the top. The domed lid is in 2 halves, there is a lower circle which fits over the bottom layer of eggs the the next tray fits onto that circle and the domed top fits over that. This can also poach eggs, you have 2 poaching trays a 4 and a 3 egg tray so you can do 7 at a time on the 2 levels. This also has a separate omelette tray.


Both of these egg cookers can do the same things more or less. If you want a dozen eggs cooked with the 6 egg cooker you need to run it twice. If you want to do less than 6 eggs both cookers can handle it, the 12 egg cooker will still need to be fully assembled to get the enclosed steaming area so you will always have more bits to wash up. They both can do poached eggs, you can beat the eggs beforehand and make mini omelettes. These are very handy for packed lunches or quick breakfasts. You can make a bigger omelette in the 12 egg cooker. There are more options in the large egg cooker but if you’re unlikely to ever cook 12 eggs or want to poach 7 eggs it’s a bit of overkill. If you’re just looking to boil a couple of eggs at a time then a 6 egg cooker will do all you want.


Like with all electrical goods the prices on egg cookers can vary a lot. A 12 egg cooker isn’t automatically going to cost double the price of a 6 egg cooker. The Chefman RJ24-V2 Egg Cooker price is less than the Dash Deluxe price but that can also depend on the color you want as there is quite often a different price for different colors of the same product. It’s always worth checking for special offers with If you’re a prime member you can take advantage of the savings on the shipping costs and the quick delivery.


The Chefman RJ24-V2 Egg Cooker is a standard type of 6 egg cooker. It can cook you eggs the way you like them and it’s small and neat. It will fit on your worktop if you want to use it often. If you have space for a larger egg cooker you won’t find the price too expensive. You will have to deal with the extra parts that are included. Hard boiled eggs can be stored in the fridge. You can cook 6 at a time and eat them over a few days. Equally you can do 12 in a larger egg cooker. It’s not a lot of outlay to purchase an egg cooker. It can save you time and fuss when making boiled eggs. In my opinion anything that makes life easier can’t be bad.

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