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Can an Automatic Egg Cooker Help You Lose Weight?

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Automatic egg cooker

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At certain times of the year we bite the bullet and decide its time to lose weight. Whether you decide to follow a set diet, count calories or go low carb one of the best all round foods you can include is an egg. If you have an automatic egg cooker it can make preparation a breeze and you’re more likely to fit them into your menu.

We thought we would give you some reasons to fit eggs into your diet and how a DBTech Egg Cooker can help.

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Low calorie

One of the best things about an egg is the fact that it is a low calorie option. When you’re trying to cut calories it’s easier to identify the highest calorie foods that you eat and try and replace them with lower calorie alternatives. An egg is already a low calorie food but you can make it more fattening depending on how you cook it. If you fry your eggs in fat or add butter to your scrambled eggs you are making it into a high calorie meal but if you keep to adding no fat or only low fat spray an egg is a healthy option to choose.

Good Protein Source

If you are on a low carb diet or just cutting down on what you are eating adding protein to your meals can help fill you up. Not only is protein important to give your body the right amino acids required to build muscle and repair cells but it takes longer to process through your system keeping you fuller longer. Eggs are a complete food so they have the right amount of fat to protein. Mother Nature is clever like that. An Automatic Egg Cooker can make it less of a fuss to add eggs into your day.

Easy to prepare

Why buy an egg cooker when you can boil an egg in a pan? An automatic egg cooker is set up to boil the eggs then once you switch it on you can forget about it until it alerts you to it being finished. With a pan you have to check for the water to boil, you have to add the eggs and set the timer, you have to watch it doesn’t boil over and it’s easy to overcook your eggs giving a grey edge to the yolk. With an egg cooker like the DBTech Egg Cooker you can cook from 1 to 7 eggs at one time. You add the water required to the base using the measuring cup that comes with the cooker. Pierce your eggs with the pin in the end of the measuring cup. Place the eggs on the tray and add the lid. Switch on. This is quick and easy to do.

Easy to peel

When eggs are cooked in an automatic egg cooker they are boiled via the steam created from the water boiling in the base. The eggs shells are permeable so the steam can get through the shell to cook the egg. Eggs are difficult to peel because the egg whites attach to the membrane inside the egg but when steaming it causes the whites to pull away from the membrane and so make it easier to peel. Once boiled its easy to lift the tray of eggs off the base and lower them into a bowl of iced water to cool. When peeling is easier you’re more likely to eat them.

Quick Breakfast Choice

Eggs are a great breakfast choice. With an automatic egg cooker you can boil your eggs soft, medium or hard and you have a tray which you can use to make a small omelette. I like a couple of medium boiled eggs on a piece of toast for my breakfast, you can make your omelette with some left over veg or cheese added to your beaten egg and place the omelette tray on top of the normal egg tray and cook until its set. Omelettes made like this can be wrapped up in foil and taken with you to eat on the run.

You can use egg whites

An egg is a great food as a whole but if you are bodybuilding and trying to add more protein to your day or if you are trying to cut out fat you can just eat the egg whites. Most people who eat egg whites tend to scramble them with herbs and spices or make them into an omelette with vegetables and meat added. You can make your omelettes in the DBTech Egg Cooker using egg whites, either out of a carton or from fresh eggs and just add any other cooked ingredients you like and any flavourings to give it the best flavour.

Add To Salads

Salads aren’t always the meal of choice when your’e on a weight loss diet just because it’s what’s expected when you start to lose weight. Rather than thinking of a salad as punishment think of the benefits it can offer. One of the reasons people tend to give up on a diet is because the always feel hungry so you have to tackle that in different ways. A salad offers volume for few calories and it takes a while to chew it. The leaves offer a few carbs for instant energy and it fills up your stomach. Add a sliced egg and you’re adding some protein to keep you feeling fuller longer. A little olive oil and vinegar dressing can add some health fats and you have a good healthy meal.

Portable for Snacks

A hard boiled egg makes an easy snack to carry with you if you’re travelling, especially if they are easy to peel. Add an apple and you have a healthy filling snack. You can also carry the individual omelettes you can make in your egg cooker, they taste fine cold.

Makes a great sandwich filler

Eggs make a great sandwich filler. Slice your eggs and just add to your sandwich or chop it up and add something to it like low fat mayonnaise to enhance the flavour. Chopped egg and chopped up peeled tomato was always a favourite when I was a kid. If you really like a fried egg sandwich you can always dry fry one in a non-stick pan or use some low fat spray, cover with a lid to set the top.

Different ways to cook eggs for variety

You can cook eggs in many ways, but if you start with soft, medium and hard boiled and omelettes, these can be made with an egg cooker. Then you can go on to dry fried, scrambled and poached. You can add egg to your rice for egg fried rice or cook it into a custard or into a pudding like bread pudding.

Can be stored for up to 7 days

You might think that if you buy an egg cooker you’ll never cook the full amount because you won’t eat 7 eggs in a day. Did you know that boiled eggs can be kept in the fridge for a full 7 days. If you have 1 hard boiled egg for a snack every day you can make a whole weeks worth at once. Job done! Being prepared is an important part of sticking to your diet.


Can an Automatic Egg Cooker Help You Lose Weight? I believe so. The price of an egg cooker can be less than $20 and if it gives you the incentive to make eggs on a regular basis it’s worth it’s price. You can do all of this without another kitchen gadget but if you’re not doing it now ask yourself why. Eggs are a healthy food and adding them to your daily menu can help in your weight loss journey. Why not invest in an egg cooker and make it happen.

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