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Breakfast Sandwich Maker – 3 Reasons To Buy

Breakfast Sandwich Maker – 3 Reasons To Buy

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Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Hamilton Beach 25477 Breakfast Electric Sandwich Maker, Black

If you make a habit of visiting a certain drive thru for an egg muffin sandwich for your breakfast or brunch on a regular basis you can find yourself spending a lot of money. What if it was easy to make your own quickly with a breakfast sandwich maker that could pay for itself in no time, then you need the Hamilton Beach 25477 Breakfast Electric Sandwich Maker, Black.

Not only can you control how much money you spend but also how many calories you eat as you won’t be tempted by other things.

Check out the Hamilton Beach Sandwich Maker if you like the idea of being in control

You can control how healthy you make your sandwich

When you buy sandwiches and burgers from some restaurants you can check from their websites or menus how many calories are in the finished product, that can help you keep track of what you are eating but it doesn’t let you choose what the finished product consists of. The best part of making your own is that you can make changes to some of the ingredients to make it less fat, less carbs or just less calories.

The bread part of the sandwich is usually made from english muffins, if you worry about eating white bread and want something more wholemeal or higher fibre then you have the option to use that instead, you can even use sliced bread of your choice that you can cut a circle from to fit the sandwich machine and if you have dietary issues you can bring in gluten free too. Your egg can be a whole egg, you can pierce the yolk, you can beat it into a scramble or you can just use egg whites if that fits your diet.

The meat can be chosen to suit you too, bacon with or without fat, thin ham, chicken anything you have left over from a roast or leave out the meat altogether and add some veg instead. You can choose what type of cheese you use, whatever your favourite is and how about a sauce or pickle somewhere in the sandwich. The biggest problem you are going to have is deciding which of your favourite Hamilton Beach breakfast sandwich maker recipes to make.

Simple and easy to make

When you are making a breakfast sandwich at home without an egg muffin cooker you might need to use more than one piece of kitchen equipment, a toaster for your muffin halves to crisp them up, you will need a frying pan for your egg and to heat up your meat, if you put the cheese on top of the meat it will probably melt for you and then you need to assemble it all. You might think that’s not too difficult but it’s not as easy as if you make it in your Hamilton Beach sandwich maker. If you want to see full instructions check out this Hamilton beach breakfast sandwich maker manual pdf.

Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker Instructions

The sandwich maker consists of a top and bottom plate which are non-stick and in the centre is a removable plate with 2 rings attached. Assemble all parts and switch on to heat up while you a getting your ingredients ready, once the indicator light shows it’s ready, lift up the lid, the centre plate and top ring. There will be 1 ring on the bottom plate, place one half of the muffin outside edge down in the space. Once you have placed your bread in the bottom add your cheese on top of the bread, try and make sure that it fits inside the ring otherwise it can stick on the sides. On top of the cheese add your meat of choice and lower the centre plate and top ring on top of the bottom ring. Either beat your egg and pour straight on to the plate or crack your egg and place on the plate, you can pierce the yolk if you wish, now you’re ready to place the other half of your muffin, cut side down on the egg inside the ring and close the top lid.

Set a timer for 5 minutes or if you’re sandwich maker has a timer you can start it, when the alarm goes off you can slide the middle plate out of the sandwich and that should allow your egg to join the meat, lift the lid then ease the rings over the sandwich, you may have to use a utensil to push down on the muffin as you lift the rings so the muffin stays together. Move your sandwich onto a plate to serve. This will be hot and may need a minute or two so you don’t burn your mouth. Enjoy!

It can save you money

How can this Hamilton Beach Sandwich Maker save you money? First of all you won’t be using fuel to drive to the drive thru to buy your breakfast muffin. Now you might think that it’s on the way to your work and it’s not out of your way, but you should still save money not buying the sandwich. Now you might argue that these sandwiches are not that expensive and you still have to buy the ingredients to make it at home and you might be right, especially if you go to the restaurant and only buy 1 sandwich and nothing else and its on your way it might not be a great saving but I will be surprised if you don’t buy a drink to go with your sandwich or other extras just because you’re there and they are available.

The benefit of making things yourself is that you can put yourself in control so you won’t be tempted to spend more money than you want to as well as being in control of what to have on your sandwich.


Most people don’t cook for themselves because it’s too hard or takes too much time, with this Hamilton Beach 25477 Breakfast Electric Sandwich Maker, Black it makes it simple to assemble whatever you like and have a hot breakfast ready in a short amount of time. If you want to make more than one at a time buy a dual breakfast sandwich maker and you can make breakfast for your partner at the same time. If you want to find out more about a breakfast sandwich maker Amazon has a wide range of options for very reasonable prices.

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